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Behind the Scenes

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

As I wrote in my previous post, this project was a long term endeavour. We worked together for 7 years in different locations, groups, setup, and as our work progressed, the process was never just a "single shoot" as everyone had to come over multiple times, to develop the sets and ideas, mostly because no one was a professional model and it was like writing music together – one attempt is never enough to produce magic. Naturally, we ended up doing silly things while thinking together. Conversations flew over our heads and into designing the scenes, fun turned into work and vice versa.

Sometimes my friends would come back owning brand-new tattoos, which made the entire effort even more fun and interesting, as it did not only create new scenes, but also turned into a timeline progression of their self-expression in the way their bodies and tattoos changed.

One of the biggest challenges was also the use of light to show the different tattoos and the bodies as one, while not missing one or the other because of a bad angle, lighting or camera setup. It all had to be exactly right, which sometimes left us at working 6-7 hours a day to come out with a single great frame.

Out of these efforts came out hundreds of beautiful outtake frames and I wanted to share some of them, including the fantastic emotions and bonding experienced behind the scenes, which you can find in the book.

Setting up the frames

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